Adult Outreach Programs


The Adult Outreach Program delivers the treasures of the Brant Museum & Archives to your group! Each visit we bring artefacts, copies of photographs and documents, and lots of stories and local history to locations in Brantford, Brant County, Six Nations, and New Credit, taking the museum experience to audiences in the comfort of their own communities.

Our presentations generally last 50 minutes, and are based on monthly themes. Audience members are encouraged to share memories, thoughts, and questions with the group as the presentation goes on. Let us bring the museum to you through our unique and engaging program! Cost for the programs this year are $50 + Tax.

The Adult Outreach Program is offered by the Brant Museum and Archives as an education program for the adult members of our community. Artifacts and photographs from our collection, chosen specifically to be safe for people to handle and examine, are brought to your location for a 45-60 minute presentation.

Presentations are centered around a monthly theme, and typically include information about the artifacts and their use. The group is also encouraged to share stories, anecdotes and memories as the artifacts are passed around.

At the end of each presentation, time is set aside for the presenter to answer questions or address comments from the group. 

Presentations may be booked individually, or on a recurring basis (monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly). Recurring presentations occur at the same time and day of the month (e.g. every fourth Tuesday)

January– Knitting and Quilting

Join us for a discussion on the history and techniques of knitting and quilting! Many quilts and knitted pieces will be available for viewing, and their historical connection to the area will be talked about as well.

February– Community Spotlight: Paris

Come and learn about the history of Paris! The politics, industry, and daily life from the earliest days of the town up until now will be discussed.

March – If the Shoe Fits!

We’re setting aside the hats this year to talk about some other accessories in the collection! This month we are chatting about the development of shoes, handbags, and other additions to a daily outfit.

April –  Brantford’s Industry: Part Two

A continuation of our 2019 industry program, this month we’re chatting about some lesser known businesses in Brantford and Brant County.

May –  Tools of the Past

Join us this month to examine various tools from the museum’s collection! Some might include woodworking pieces, medical, dentist, and cooking tools.

June – The Summer Vacation

Are you curious about how the notion of a ‘summer vacation’ started? Come on out to this program to learn more! We will talk a bit about the history of picnicking, and other summertime activities.

July – Let’s Talk About the Cockshutt’s

Have you ever wondered what role the Cockshutt family played in Brantford apart from industry? Join us this month as we talk about the various political, philanthropic, and military impacts that the family had on the city.

August – Pioneer Entertainment

To close out the summer, we will discuss how early settlers passed their time! What games did the kids play? How did mom and dad spend their free time? Join us to find out!

September – Farming and Milling

For September, the discussion is focused on the physical landscape of Brantford and Brant County, and how this played a role in the farming and milling industries in the area.

October – At the General Store

Long before the vast array of shopping centers that we know today, there was the General Store. Come and learn about how they got their start, and about a few of the products that would have been available for purchase.

November – Remembrance Day

This year for Remembrance Day, our discussion will center around the role of Canadians in the Second World War, with particular focus on the 75th anniversary of the Liberation of the Netherlands.

December – Keeping Warm

Brrr…winter is here! Keep warm with us as we talk about different methods and advancements in home heating and winter clothing.

Please contact Lillia at:

  519 – 752 – 2483


for information and availability.