File name            	:DSCN0007.JPG
File size            	:399.9KB(409479Bytes)
Shoot date           	:2001/07/18 12:53:22
Picture size         	:1600 x 1200
Resolution           	:72 x 72 dpi
Number of bits       	:8bit/channel
Protection attribute 	:Off
Hide Attribute       	:Off
Camera ID            	:N/A
Model name           	:E995
Quality mode         	:NORMAL
Metering mode        	:Multi-pattern
Exposure mode        	:Programmed auto
Flash                	:No
Focal length         	:8.2 mm
Shutter speed        	:1/263.9second
Aperture             	:F6.7
Exposure compensation	:0 EV
Fixed white balance  	:Auto
Lens                 	:Built-in
Flash sync mode      	:N/A
Exposure difference  	:N/A
Flexible program     	:N/A
Sensitivity          	:Auto
Sharpening           	:Auto
Curve mode           	:N/A
Color mode           	:COLOR
Tone compensation    	:AUTO
Latitude(GPS)        	:N/A
Longitude(GPS)       	:N/A
Altitude(GPS)        	:N/A

Heritage Excursion” to four locations around Brantford to expand one’s knowledge & experience. The excursion is Monday, May 2, 2016 and includes: the City Hall records, Margaret Chandler Heritage House, Myrtleville House Museum, and St. Jude’s Church (bring a camera). The day begins at 9:00 AM with coffee at the Brant Museum & Archives (57 Charlotte Street) and includes lunch and two (coffee) breaks, as well as the bus. There are also a few surprises planned. Fee is per adult (16 years+) $45 BHS Member/$55 Non-Member. The day concludes at 4:00 PM.